by Greg Giloway

Boutique hotel, Daddy Long Legs, has collaborated with energetic denim-culture company, Levi’s, to create a brand new addition to their gallery of uniquely designed rooms. The aptly named ‘501’, is a tribute to denim and urban industrial design, as conceived by Greg Gilo, former designer for Rocketfuel, and now going it on his own with Bushfire Design.


The collaboration with Levi’s seemed logical, “comments Daddy Long Legs owner, Jody Aufrichtig, “they believe in so many of the same things as us.” Indeed, as with Levi’s, Daddy Long Legs is a creative and playful space that actively promotes art, music, photography, poetry, sculpture, and now – fashion.


Levi’s saw the opportunity as the perfect platform for their philosophy and elements of the Levi’s heritage are also at play in the room. The name has a tongue-in-cheek appeal; when guests are given the room keys to 501 they may start to expect an elevator trip and a hushed walk down a long corridor, but they will soon discover that, in fact, 501 is just one of thirteen rooms in the hotel.