Being Mak1One


Being Mak1One

by Mak1One


Grafitti artist, Mak1One, takes us into his head in this 3-D room. Wanting to share his vision with others, he has designed a very unusual roof sculpture, which details the three-dimensional view he has of things. “When I look at objects I see them from every angle, all the shadows and shapes and contours, I never just see something flat and smooth.”


The 3-D piece defies expectation by remaining colourless, as the colour would overwhelm the effect of dimension. The view from the window is a continuation of the theme, with fellow graffiti artist, Faith’s energetic mural on the wall across the courtyard out the window.


Other touches include, an orange warning light in the bathroom, a reminder of the negative aspect of authority over graffiti and the misunderstandings surrounding it.

Adopt a pseudonym and start seeing things for more than they appear, soon you will feel like you are Being Mak1One.