by Toby Attwell


Hugely successful Afro-jazz band, Freshlyground, is the inspiration for this room, in which, you guessed it, music is everywhere. Toby Attwell is brother to band member Simon and is their resident artist; in charge of the design of all the bands marketing materials and CD covers. After consultation with the band, Toby set to work on this shrine to music. The result is a cheerful contemporary room with hours of listening pleasure.


Freshlyground’s room surrounds the bedside CD player, just above the bed, hand music discs, each one a selection of music by the individual band members. Each compilation shares the favourite and most inspirational music of that band member and collectively, spans across many a decade and genre of music. There is also an additional CD for lulling one off to sleep.


On the wall at the foot of the bed, a series of circular lights mirror the CDs on the opposing wall. Each round light is back-lit and features a vinyl cut-out, cartoon-like image of the band members. In the bathroom, the mirror boasts cut-outs of hair-styles, without the faces. The idea is that you can place your face at the relevant head of hair and try on the various afros and shaggy cuts.