by Daya Heller


As sure as the sun rises, so does it set. If there is one thing that is consistent throughout the world it is this. Using a wallpaper of photographed sunsets, all shot by the artist, Daya has created a room of days, a place where the sun never sets; suspended in an array of settings from cold mercury cloud to blazing crimson back-drops.


Intermittant square mirrored panels on the ceiling echo the fiery wallpaper back and forth across the room and pick it up again in the mirror tiles on the bathroom walls. Horizons are structured within a grid; abstract spaces within a rigid structure“I am fascinated by the geometry of the circle within the square”, says Daya, “ for me it is repeated everywhere.”


Indeed, in this room, it is also present in the bed, which is mounted on a circular base, and echoed again in the circle of lights hanging off-centre of the room. The room has a calming simplicity. Lie back and contemplate the days around you; where were you, what were you doing that day? As you take it in you see yourself on the ceiling, perfectly positioned in the middle of a square within a circle.