by Finuala Dowling & Helen Bond


Home away from home to the writer and the reader, this cosy affectionate room is reminiscent of a much-loved stay in a relative’s attic room. Safe from the world, it is the kind of room where you can curl up and be blissfully alone, or sensuously read aloud to your lover from the endless selection of poetry and novels.


Writer Finuala Dowling, wanted to create a space with layers of meaning, constantly stitching back and forth to create a web between the reader and the writer. “I wanted the room to be about conversations, about things speaking across things, across time,” says Dowling. Guests are encouraged to mark their best passages in the books situated in the room, as all of us take something different from a book.


Palimpset is a soothing respite from the carnival of life in Long Street. It is here that you can digest your thoughts and woo your soul with beautiful words and gentle images. Visually the room has echoes of the Bloomsbury era and the record sleeves of poet-musicians also pay homage to the complex world of words and meaning.