Please Do Not Disturb



Please Do Not Disturb

by Kim Stern


Fancy the sound of your own voice? Please Do Not Disturb is your room. It is a fantasy sound studio, stage and bedroom all rolled into one, with a clean retro feel that is somehow reminiscent of Disney movies and dolls houses.


Please Do Not Disturb is all about beautiful and inappropriate levels of disturbance and vouyerism. Hotel rooms are often about what we hear and do not see. People reinvent themselves when they stay in hotel rooms and when they sing karaoke. In Please Do Not Disturb you can fill your room with your own personal sound beneath authentic theatre-style spotlights. One Microphone is uncannily situated in the shower, which faces into the room through a glass fronted panel, allowing would be divas and blossoming boomers to enjoy an audience as they soap down singing under the guidance of the karaoke TV.


The walls are reminiscent of egg box insulation but are adorned instead with mega-size Braille dots forming the words to Alphavilles – Big in Japan.


Not to be forgotten is the astro-turf carpeting, the complacent cows and the prison-style stainless steel washbasin and toilet unit. You know you are a rock star, sweet dreams!