Protea Room


Protea Room

by Tracy Lynch


A Tokyo Love Room in South Africa, the erotic charm of Protea room, begins with its dark, black lacquer interior and continues into the stark, white stencils of protea flowers, the unexpected shocking pink contained within the wardrobe and the soft white flutterings of the lace-stencilled window panes.


Not that windows are an over-riding feature of this room, the room is suited to total privacy and seclusion with only two small windows just below ceiling height. Tracy Lynch took the notion of this lack of natural light and created an inspired, sexy space that is also reminiscent of an Alice in Wonderland story. The bedside lamp, by Gabi Rath, is a string of rope lights coaxed into the shape of an over-sized lamp and shade. The proteas are bigger than the bed or the windows and the wardrobe board has an inviting element of fairy tale.


Flashes of silver catch your eye, from the silvery beaded wardrobe hangers to the stencilled protea mirrors in the bathroom. A small cloud shaped blackboard dangles chalk and beckons you to leave a message. A romantic chandelier tinkles above the setting. It does not matter whether it is night or day. You are in the Protea room.