The Freshroom




by Karl Straub


The Freshroom was the first Daddy Long Leg’s Room that was commissioned to a commercial product, Mentos. Yet, it still exudes the signature Daddy Long Legs sense of the unexpected, and, as an international brand known for its fresh take on things, the relationship just seemed right.


Karl Straub of Mentos’ advertising agency, was adamant that the room did not become a Mentos billboard, “This was not about selling it was about interpreting the brand within the space”. The result is a zany hotel room containing no less than 2 500 rolls of Mentos mints, mostly as part of the furniture.


The room is filled with recurring circular design from the raised wallpaper to the bubble mosaics on the shower floor. The three round knobs to the side of the bed are light mixers and you can adjust your room colour to suit by blending the light spectrum. The beaming pin-up faced Mona Lisa blind is ready with her Mentos when you want to block out the day.


This Room is fresh, bright and clean with a slight retro feel and subtly peppered with humorous touches. “It was an art directors dream,” explains Straub, “ we played with contradictions of texture, colour and ideas. We wanted it to feel interactive.”


No doubt you will want to interact in this room, just keep it fresh!