Far From Home


Far From Home

by Robin Sprong


Fancy a room with a view? This is the space you need to be in. Close the blinds and you are in an uninterrupted Karoo wilderness. Endless miles of dust and barbed wire, taper off into distant koppies. Pop up the blind, and your endless Karoo-view is juxtaposed by an exotic green mosque tower and the spectacular site of Table Mountain, to create an unusual landscape that defies the picture postcard.


Photographer, Robin Sprong, photographed these Karoo landscapes, then turned them into dust-and-azure wallpaper, adding a Country and Western touch with great frontier patterned reading lights above the beds. The feeling of space is calming. You might feel like picking out a tune on a guitar, or hauling that well-travelled accordion out of the bottom of the old bag.


If this were a movie the deeply brooding, tall, dark stranger might be found in this room. His heart is a wilderness and he’s only at home on the range. If you weren’t planning to take a trip to the Karoo, you might after being in Far From Home.