You Are Here


You Are Here

by Andre Voster


So often one arrives in a new place feeling disorientated. You have no idea what your bearings are, how close you are to other things, where on earth you are. You Are Here takes care of that straight away. The room is virtually a map in itself, with large screaming pink satin and faux fur blobs illustrating your position on a number of different maps.


You can lie back on your bed and examine your current position in the world, on the continent, in the country, the greater Cape, the Peninsula and the City Bowl. You will also be sure you have arrived because the big pink blob you are looking for is also securely sewn onto your quilted eiderdown. “I wanted to create a space where information replaced decoration as more important, the décor is secondary,” muses Vorster.


The rest of the room is a turtle-dove grey, which is soothing to weary eyes and in continuity with the view of the building across the road.