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Something many, if not most of us have experienced at least once while traveling, particularly in a new and unknown city, is that unsettled feeling of being completely lost, with no idea whatsoever as to where your next footstep should take you.

Sure, there are guidebooks and travel blogs aplenty; but on the ground, with unfamiliar city streets before you, it can be somewhat more challenging trying to decipher which street will lead you to that museum you've always wanted to visit, or which scenic route to take to arrive at that instafamous coffee shop whose posts you've been double tapping for a while already.

Explore Cape Town your way!

This is where GPS My City comes in. This mobile service and app allows travelers to create their very own self-guided walking tours of major world cities, our beautiful Mother City included of course.

You can choose only those landmarks, attractions and sights that you want to see, customising your tour ensuring you tick all those items off your personal travel to-do list. Essentially the app transforms your mobile device into your own personal walking tour guide. It also comes with useful travel articles and offline maps.

And best of all, Daddy Long Legs Hotel has collaborated with GPS My City to include the hotel as a location on the app; so you can now easily create your own self-guided walking Cape Town city tour, starting directly at the hotel on Long Street.